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If You Prick Us, Do We Not FreshDirect?

It's a tough day for Orthodox Jews, and it's not just because?as of this writing?there's no sign of the Moshiach. Nope, it's because two separate media outlets are targeting the real estate habits of the OJs on the same day, and they're being slightly, shall we say, needled for them. First up is S. Jhoanna Robledo's New York piece, which has brokers lightheartedly talking about the demands and difficulties of Orthodox buyers. They'll pay extra to live on low floors (so they don't have to elevate on the Sabbath), but they don't want to pay for a renovated kitchen (they're gonna rip it up anyway to accomodate double the dishware). Amusing, and very very unGibson, we assure you.

And apparently Borough Park has lots of low-slung buildings and cabinet space (and schisms!), because the Post steps in and reports that crammed Orthodox households in the area have made BP the most over-stuffed nabe in the city. About 13% of homes there are "severely crowded," meaning more than 1.5 persons for each room. That's good enough for tops among the 55 'hoods surveyed. So strap that to your back and unleaven it!
· Chasid Test [New York]
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[Borough Park photo from Flickr user LillaKat]