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Storefronting: This is Billyburg, This is The Edge!

Interested in "retail leasing opportunities in one of New York's hottest areas"? Look no further than The Edge, the massive Williamsburg waterfront development that's serving up 1.5 million 100,000 square feet of retail space. A tipster kindly passed along the promotional PDF, which is absolutely worth the download—not for the retail opportunities, mind you, but rather for the absurdist rhapsodic prose they slather on the 'burg (above). Oh, and that woman painfully forced through those rudimentary Photoshop filters? We feel obliged to note we didn't add that part.

C'mon, you knew our feelgood Billyburg coverage couldn't last.

UPDATE: Dammit, our server is choking on the size of the PDF (email us if you want a copy). Meantime, hit the jump for a megabonus from therein: the scariest map of Williamsburg we've ever seen.

In a word, holyfuck.

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