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Development Du Jour: The Caledonia

We may be cheating because we've mentioned Related's High Line-straddling 27-story behemoth before, but The Caledonia is most definitely worthy of DDJ status. Why? Because there's just so much new info to report! The sales office is open and the renderings/floorplans are up on the website. Kaboom! The 17th Street up-and-comer was designed by Handel Architects, whose boss sits on the board of Friends of the High Line (Kinda helps explain how The Caledonia will have its own private High Line access, eh?). The interiors are by Clodagh, a big shot interior designer who apparently goes by just that one name. And speaking of pretentious, the on-site 30,000-square-foot Equinox gym will have something called a "fitness concierge," which has to set a new mark for incoherence when it comes to the luxury babble that fills these websites. What the heck does that mean? "Uh yeah, could you, um, lift those weights for me?" Prices originally were reported at $595,000 for a studio through $4 million for penthouses. Go get your High Line on.
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