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Rumblings & Bumblings: Jersey, York and Chicken Shit

Let's rumble. The questions below were submitted by real, live readers. If you've got an answer, another question, or a digital photograph, send us word at drop a note in the comments below. Answers Thursday.

1) Downtown: "caught a picture of this building (left) while checking out enrique norten's one york street during lunch (notice construction workers taking a load off). right across the street on w broadway in the middle of the block between canal and lispenard. any ideas of what's going on? used to be an old plumbing supply warehouse (according to the faded paint still on the south side of the building). more condos? think they can compete with enrique? david vs. goliath?"
2) Lower East Side: "Delancey & Forsyth: Construction commenced on this site a while ago (almost at the same time as the Blue condo building). It appears as though the foundations have been poured, however, any semblance of a structure has yet to rise out of the ground. Anyone know what's going on?"
3) Nolita: "Any idea what's being put in the building at the corner of Jersey and Mulberry? There's a nice entrance canopy being built on the Jersey Street alley side, and some new banner posts installed on the Jersey/Mulberry corner. Condos maybe? Whatever it is, it's too bad it'll be stuck with a Jersey address."
4) Chelsea: "Two corners on 22nd and 7th (SE and NW) have been essentially vacant for almost as long as I can remember. Any idea who owns these and why these eyesores persist? Thanks." If we've got our coordinates correct, we've been to this land before?with limited success. Fucking Chelsea.
5) Lower East Side: Finally, another old fave. "Just wondering if you had an update on the standoff between the proprietors of the "Buy a live Guinea Hen" store and the landlord? I live down the block and have noticed that the landlord is full steam ahead in building out what looks to be high end condos with a kick a$$ common deck stretching the entire back of both buildings. I find it hard to believe that renters will be paying $3500/month to lay out on a deck above the hot molten smell of chicken crap and decaying bird parts. Would be cool to see the design on what is being built." Yes, v. cool.