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Storefronting: Weiss & Mahoney Pack it In

Sad news, patriots. Reports a tipster, "Weiss and Mahoney (surplus store) on corner of 19th and 5th Ave has a handwritten sign about having to close after 76 years in business. Their website doesn't mention it yet. I guess the surplus store is a bit out place when surrounded by Paul Smith, Kenneth Cole, Intermix etc. If only that camoflauge fashion trend could have held in a bit longer all this could have been avoided."

On the chance they decide to yank down the website along with the store, visit it now. Genius is not too strong a word.
· Weiss & Mahoney []

BONUS STOREFRONT SHUTTER ALERT: Seminal West Village gay bar the Stonewall is for rent. No tears for some observers: "They pushed out the regular gay clientele in favor of this new, urban, hip-hop, gangster clientele. Then you bring a bunch of 18-to-20-year-olds in the area who have no place to go and start goofing off and being loud. It's disruptive to the neighborhood and brings in the wrong element in the neighborhood."
· Stonewall to Shutter? [NYObserver]