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In Dumbo, the Shit is Getting Extra Badass

Because we're on our reduced late-summer posting schedule this week, we want to make sure that posts we do bring you have plenty of opportunities to "create conversation." In that vein, how about that DUMBO place, eh? We raise our glass to the neighborhood in honor of DumboNYC, a new blog devoted to the architectural doings of Robert Scarano, something that seems to be called "J-Condo," and, perhaps most notably, the above image:

The September 2006 issue of Vanity Fair magazine has a 2 page photo spread with Dumbo neighborhood on Water Street in the background…kind of. The streetscape is blurry, but anyway, it’s in Dumbo.Resistance is futile.
· Dumbo in Sept. 2006 Vanity Fair [DumboNYC]