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110 Livingston Tax Screw-up?

In response to the minor stink created a little while back over the suspiciously high real estate taxes at Two Trees' under-construction 110 Livingston, a prospective buyer had this to say about the Brooklyn Heights/Boerum Hill/Cobble Hill/Downtown/Whereverthefuck development:

One of the big salespeople is no longer there (no reason given why) and the Two Trees office is calling around to apologize for getting the information wrong on the monthly taxes, both with and without the abatement. Apparently they had them too high before and that was discouraging buyers. So now they are threatening to open to the public mid-September and raise prices. But it seems as if most of the units are untouched at their current prices. What happens when Atlantic Yards opens? Will that affect traffic, subway access, and the view for that building?We're bummed to find out that those VIP purchase appointments didn't really go as planned, but surely there's enough unanswered questions in this email to bait a lively 110 Livingston discussion, correctomundo? Let's hear some chatter!
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