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Only the Gays and the Irish Want to Save St. Brigid's

...Or at least that's what you'd think from reading this Daily News story on the Hibernians?the dudes in charge of the no-gays-allowed St. Patrick's Day parade? who are now campaigning to turn the endangered Avenue B church into the state's Irish American History Museum. A group that has been protested for being anti-gay, willing to create a museum in the "gay-friendly East Village?" The potential for comment is not lost on anyone involved, including the organizer of Queens' St. Patty's Day parage, who said: "Isn't it ironic now that the gays and the [Hibernians] and everyone else are coming together over a planned demolition?"

Will the gays have their way? We could find out tomorrow, when Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Barbara Kapnick is expected to respond to archdiocese lawyers who want to lift an injunction holding up the demolition. And don't expect a change of heart from God's Army, either. Cardinal Egan's spokesman told the DN: "Museums are fine things, but that is not what the archdiocese is in place for." So stick that in your Prada fannypack and sigh at it!
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