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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: SoHo Loves Books

Answers to Tuesday's questions below. As always, we came up with none of these on our own. If you've got more info, another question, or a digital photograph, send us word at drop a note in the comments below.

1) Downtown: We didn't get any development news on the W. Broadway site we featured Tuesday, but we did get a little history lesson from a commenter: "Incidentally, that former plumbing-supply building that you pictured being renovated on West Broadway between Canal and Lispenard happens to be situated on the base of the 'triangle below canal', from which TriBeCa got its name. That block extends eastward to Broadway where it narrows. So, unlike most NYC blocks that are rectangular, that block is more like an elongated trapezoind and it appears on city maps as a triangle." Anybody still with us?
2) Lower East Side: Alas, no takers on Delancey and Forsyth. Everybody ponder over the break.
3) Soho/Nolita: Actually, we did come up with the answer to this one?three months ago. (Just testing you! Everybody passes, esp. commenter #9!). The space on the corner of Jersey & Mulberry, will be a the "SoHo Arts" branch of the NY Public Library. The rendering above comes from the architect, Rogers Marvel. As you can see from the frolicking pedestrians of all ages, they are also planning to close the street to traffic.
4) Chelsea: Nobody cares about Chelsea, especially the two corners on 22nd and 7th (SE and NW) that have been vacant for a long time.
5) Lower East Side: No renderings for the planned changes to the chicken store building. There is, however, the exciting news from a commenter that the chicken is still being served: "the chicken factory, as I like to call it, is still open--they are still doing business despite the construction. The scaffolding is obscuring the entrance making it look like it may be closed, unfortunately--it isn't." Long live the chicken factory.
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