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Atlantic Yards Public Hearing: Race Card Played

1) "Opponents, mainly white, have complained that the project, which will create the densest census tract in the country, will negatively impact the community's infrastructure, ensnarl traffic, and ruin its low-rise character. Supporters, who appear to be predominantly African American, say that it will bring about 2,250 units of 'affordable' housing to a borough facing soaring housing costs, and bring much needed jobs."
· Sides Clash as Atlantic Yards Development Project Edges Closer to Approval [NYSun]

2) "Not for the first time during the three-year debate, divisions along race and class lines revealed themselves.

Umar Jordan, 51, a black resident of Bedford-Stuyvesant, said he had come to 'speak for the underprivileged, the brothers who just got out of prison,' and he drew loud cheers when he mocked opponents who had moved to Brooklyn only recently. Mr. Jordan suggested that they 'just go back up to Pleasantville.'"
· Raucous Meeting on Atlantic Yards Plan Hints at Hardening Stances [NYTimes]

3) "Assemblyman Karim Camara (D-Crown Heights) said he's backing the project because it will provide affordable housing and jobs.

'I'm for it for every black man who is unemployed in my district,' he said."
· Stars shine in bid to back Yards plan [NYDN]

[Photo from Flickr user visual.resistance]