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Curbed Readers Comment: Hot Threads

1) Atlantic Yards Public Hearing: Race Card Played (75 comments)
"Being 'against tall buildings' in the city of sky scrapers, little available land and a lack of housing makes zero sense. Please do go back to the suburbs where your ranch house is the only thing that obstructs your god-given right to see every inch of the sky."
2) 110 Livingston Tax Screw-Up (61 comments)
"Definitely better for the buyers, but with all the lawyers, accountants, brokers, experts at Two-Trees, political ins, etc. one has to wonder how they made the mistake in the first place and what pressures they started feeling that all of a sudden they had to find these lower tax costs. Is this a screw up that predicts future screwups? What about move-in date?"
3) The Virgins of New York, Part II (53 comments)
"I find these articles interesting to the extent that they illustrate that no matter how rich and priviledged you are, you will still find something to complain about. Oh, by the way, my Dad paid my security deposit."
4) Asked Curbed: The Quiet Joy of Lease Loopholes (51 comments)
"Why dont you go through with it and see what happens? Then report back to us on it. Reality TV is way to boring now aways..."
5) Storefronting: This Is Billyburg, This Is the Edge (46 comments)
"Who made that pathetic ad? It has all the sophistication of a 2 year old. Even hipsters can do better than that."