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Inbox Dump #5: Neighborhood Chatter

1) Upper West Side/Manhattan Valley: "The Ariel Condo is being built outside my window. I live on the 8th floor of a condo at 98th and West End Ave. Here is the latest progress (above)."

2) Williamsburg: "I have a question I was wondering if you could answer since your coverage of Williamsburg is quite extensive. I have heard that the limit on the height size of new buildings along the Kent Waterfront south of the Williamsburg bridge is considerably shorter than what they are allowing on the Kent Waterfront north of the Williamsburg bridge. Is this true? It seems so given that the tallest of the Schaefer Landing towers maxes out at 26 stories."

3) Garment District: "Regarding the Bryant Park Tower (right) -- does nobody want to live there? According to the listings on, only a few units have closed and quite a few have been released as rentals. Does anyone know if Shvo is having a real hard time selling Bryant Park Tower, and why?"

4) Battery Park City: "Excavation's begun at what's probably the last empty lot in Battery Park City, on Battery Place, between the rising Millennium Tower and 99 Battery Place."

5) Williamsburg: "Walking down Bedford, I noticed some construction at the site of the designer store on Bedford and North 6th (that recently moved), you know the one: light scarf: $250, BKLYN hat $120. Anyhow, two construction guys are walking out and I notice a refrigerator, countertop, and a few other extremely residential-looking fixtures inside. They're Russian and so is my wife, who I goad to ask them in their native tongue whether they’re building an apartment. They say no, but explain further that it is an apartment model/sales office for the 'new development on the waterfront.' Hm, The Edge, maybe? You have to give the developers credit, this is a brilliant move. Manhattanites closely clutching their purses get off the subway and see 'cute' Bedford, walk one block and see the sales office along with a model apartment…"