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Inbox Dump #2: 75 Smith Street & Arris Lofts

Continuing with our unedited dumping of recent unpublished missives from the Curbed inbox, two new developments prompted multiple reader emails this week...

1) 75 Smith #1: "I've noticed the infamous labor rat (lower right hand of photo, left) has been hanging around 75 Smith Street for a few weeks. He has a big sign on his back that questions, Boymelgreen, where are workers overtime pay? If the rat could talk, would he really have something to say? The building seems to be coming along nicely. I've noticed some beautiful chocolate brown bricks on the street next to the building."

2) 75 Smith #2: "Hello Curbed, I love the site, and have been a regular reader of all the great real estate info around town. I'm close to purchasing at 75 Smith and I've searched the Curbed site for info and other responses to some posts I've seen about 75 Smith. Not sure that I've got a hot tip to post, just wanted to know if you guys could start a post about the building to stimulate some response. I'm trying to get info from people who have purchased." [Official Site]

3) Arris Lofts #1: "This might not be a tip but just made me think and smile. NY Post was being given out free earlier today near Columbus circle which was wrapped into a sleeve that promoted Arris Lofts in LIC. The tag line got me smiling. 'Live Large for $1M.' As much as I get accustomed to my spending $15 for a cocktail in this city, I just find it fascinating to notice developers promoting a $1MM loft in LIC to be something of a bargain. Guess, anywhere else in this country, a $1MM loft anywhere IS Living Large by itself! Love this city!" [Official Site]

4) Arris Lofts #2: "Holy crap – just checked out the site for the advertisement that wrapped the free ny post and saw the proposed prices for the arris lofts in LIC. Seemed to be a bit high at first glance, but then I saw the RE taxes without the abatement. Insane jump in expense. Is there a new law on the books that requires condos to post what the non-abated tax will be? If this was posted on Manhattan condos, I bet it would immediately take the wind out of the new construction market. Have to think this affects resale at some point – no?"