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Inbox Dump #1: That's What Friends are For

We're going on vacation next week. Like all good office drones, we're emptying our inbox before departing for foreign climes. And so, all today on Curbed, it's a very special Inbox Dump, offering completely unstructured, completely uncontextualized—and most likely completely irrelevant—emails that, for whatever reason, we never got around to posting. Do enjoy.

1) Ask Curbed: "This isn't a tip but an ethical question. I have two good friends from college that live with two other roommates in a beautiful and super cheap 4 bedroom in the Financial District. A month ago they had both decided they were going to move out and I made an agreement with one of them to take his room. Then the other 'friend' decides to stay after all and, because (I suppose) he has some deep seeded problem with me that he's declined to mention for the past 6+ years I've know him, calls me up to tell me that there's no way in hell I'm moving into 'his apartment.' His reasoning is that we would fight. My reasoning is that friends don't do things like this to friends. Now the only places I'm going to be able to afford are in Washington Heights (where I work, ruling out BK) Needless to say he's dead to me now. I want to know what curbed thinks."

2) Harlem: "I have a photo as of this morning of The Dwyer, the loft-like Harlem doorman building whose design and name pay homage to the warehouse that stood on the lot before it. It looks like the building frame has reached its full height." [HarlemFur]

3) The Village: "has anyone but me noticed that ever since its plans to tear the park up got shelved, the city has let washington square park go to shit? fences are falling down and not being repaired....there's ragweed everywhere....and that little police trailer is the biggest joke of all...the drug dealers rule the park again and there are NEVER men in blue there. what's gonna happen when all those fools who bought $1 million plus apartments at 88 Washington discover they are between sixth avenue and a hard place? i wonder if they can get refunds?"