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New York City Heat Map

But not the kind of heat you think. It's Zillow's new New York Heat Map, showing its property estimates (priced by square foot) across the five boroughs. Yes, we know you think Zillow's valuations are meaningless for the NYC market. We like the map anyway.
· New York Heat Map [Zillow]

BONUS: It's our daily afternoon update on the sudden publicization of NYC co-op sales data, now in convenient numbered list form!
1) Gawker has some celebrity fun with ACRIS: "Thrill to Jerry Seinfeld's actual signature on his UCC3 termination!" [Gawker]
2) If the clumsy ACRIS interface isn't your bag, PropertyShark has uploaded all the released co-op data to its site. [PropertyShark]
3) Regarding yesterday's query about how far back the co-op sales records go, a commenter clarifies, "The coop sales data goes back to around July '04. That is when the city started having lawyers and title companies use E-Tax (the online version of both RPTT and RETT forms). Since it was only at that point where the tax data could be captured acurately, coop sales prices on ACRIS only go back that far. As far as any recent documents that show $0, that just means that the RPTT form filed was filed with a consideration of $0." [Curbed]