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Tower of Bowery Update: Now with Added Pencil!

Architect Robert Scarano is best-known in some parts for his defacing of Brooklyn, but it seems he's not content to stop there. Close readers recall Scarano as the gentleman behind the Tower of Bowery. Now, emails a Curbed correspondent, he's back on the Bowery and ready to party:

The DOB yesterday approved the 15-story 210 foot tall tower at 353 Bowery (3rd-4th Streets). From what I could tell, it's going to be a skinny tall pencil set at the very rear of the lot rather than lining up to the street. That way it could ruin everyone's rear yard along both 3rd and 4th Streets.We spied this lot back in March (above), at which time a commenter made the Scarano connection. Now, seems it's go time. Renderings, please—this we gotta see.
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