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Rumblings & Bumblings Respones: Amsterdam Is for Lovers

Answers to Tuesday's questions, submitted by actual readers, below. More questions, answers, and sweet, sweet digital photographs to in the comments below. Thanks for being you.

1) Midtown West: A comment has the skinny on the 200 Central Park South (not a Mies!) scaffolding: "CPS is undergoing full waterproofing. Also, I believe that the metal balcony railings are being replaced by clear plexiglass type panels."
2) Upper West Side: Much speculation about "the ugly strip" on Amsterdam between 68th and 70th (above). According to Wired NY, from whence the photo above came, the developer, American Continental, can build 21 stories as-of-right or 60+ with air rights from neighboring synagogues. A commenter says those air rights ain't coming: "the synagogue is no longer talking about putting up a tower...The building was voted down by the membership last year." Meanwhile, another commenter says Christian de Portzamparc will be the architect, though we believe this development is not connected to the recently scrapped opera house project down the street.
3) Murray Hill: Alas, no news on the NE corner of E 31 & Lexington. C'mon Murray Hill, bring it.
4) Harlem: The answer to the delays at Harlem Park? "Too much politics," says a commenter. We're inclined to believe him.