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Queens Update: After the Astoria Blackout, the Pool Riot

[Photo courtesy of eva101 on flickr]

What's up in Astoria? The Great Blackout of '06 is barely over and there's a little riot at the Astoria Pool. A reader brings our attention to the discussion at Astorians about the "Astoria Pool Melee." Naturally, the pool was packed last night and hundreds of people were waiting hours to get in and getting cranky. Here's a snippet of what ensued:

Someone threw a half-empty bottle of water into the gated area at one of the guards but it hit a little girl in the foot. The mother starts shouting at the crowd and throws the bottle back, which opened up a floodgate of trash, food and plastic bottles being hurled back and forth over the gate. Still no cops. Then POP, POPPOP - just like everyone says it sounded like a firecracker. The people go berserk, half of them trying to get out of there and the other half becoming a mob which attack and loot the swimsuit vendor completely destroying his tables, tent, racks and merchandise.The water-free concerts at McCarren Pool are looking better and better.
· Astoria Pool Melee [Astorians]