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Star Jones Gone, but Not Forgotten

In today's Gimme Shelter column, the Post's Braden Keil reports that Star Jones' penthouse triplex at 300 E. 90th Street?on the market for a year and a half?has been pulled off the Corcoran website. The $2.25 million listing is "temporarily off the market" for unspecified reasons, Keil reports, and he adds that the last time it got yanked from the site, it was because a bunch of blogs sent thousands of curious gawkers surfing on over. Keil also notes: "The three-bedroom triplex is certainly worth a look-see. The site has 19 pictures showing Star's gold bathroom, her extensive shoe collection and her abundant use of zebra prints." Now, if you have never seen the listing, obviously the mentions of a gold bathroom and an Imelda Marcos-like affliction would pique your interest. So, as part of our commitment to service journalism?as well as our desire to not see these pictures tossed into a black hole somehere?we present you with this hastily assembled Mr. and Mrs. Al Reynolds collage:

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