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Storefronting: Dumbo Report Edition

There is Storefronting news from Dumbo, because writer/blogger Peter Hyman is back with another edition of his info-packed DUMBO Report, so let's get right to it:

1) Will there be a Dumbo Whole Foods? The DUMBO Report is saying "the rumor is nowhere near confirmable. My source had a conversation with Chase Wells, Whole Food's Brooklyn real estate man, and Mr. Wells said that the massive, overpriced grocery chain doesn't 'have any interest in DUMBO.'" (Original word came from within Whole Foods itself, so who knows?) In any case, a big 40,000 square foot space at 20 Jay Street is being subdivided, so the store would have to go elsewhere. Stay tuned, hungry people.

2) A grab bag 'o goodies: An unnamed clothing store will be opening at 117 Front Street, in a 1,000-square foot space near Foragers. Dumbo Starbucks Number Two may open in J Condo retail space. Chase Bank, which walked away from a deal in a Josh Guttman building after the Greenpoint conflagration may still open its Dumbo branch near the J Condo. And, serious relief dry skin--a "high-end apothecary" may be coming to 70 Washington as Two Tree Management is "working its collective tail off" to snag one.
· DUMBO Report: Super-Informative Storefronting Edition []