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Fist Shaking at the Soon-to-Be Tallest Building in E. Vill.

If you go to the trouble to save the facade of an old East Village church, but put up something "about as bad and ugly as you could imagine" behind it, are you still in line for architectural salvation? Ponder that question for a moment as you gaze upon what Andrew Berman, director of the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation, also finds to be "like something out of a Japanese horror movie," i.e., the 26-story, 700-bed New York University dorm going up at the St. Ann’s Church site on East 12th Street (above). It's going to be either 261 or 242 feet tall, depending on whom you ask. Meanwhile, the developer calls it typical NYU bashing, and asks where's the proportional outrage over the nearly-as-tall 210-foot Toll Brothers condo, just around the corner at One Ten 3rd? The Villager's got all your juicy back and forth.
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