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Curbed Readers Comment

1) McCarren 101: Celebrate the Pool, Hide the Pool (60 comments)
"Maybe to you it's no Central Park performance venue, but we in Williamsburg do things differently, and, in my most humble opinion--Better! You will see what this "giant empy concrete hole" will become."
2) Holy Organic Alioli: Whole Foods to Open in Dumbo (59 comments)
"holy mother of god. let there be light. i have no reason to ever leave dumbo again. let all the haters hate...i have found heaven on earth and it is called dumbo."
3) CurbedWire: Brooklyn Condo Glory (24 comments)
"I walk past both sites every morning. The J definetly is out of scale. But i think it's good looking enough. The Beacon on the other hand is a sorry piece of building."
4) New Look Coney Island: Glam Rock or Easy? (24 comments)
"Why build something nice and new in Coney Island when you can have the boarded up buildings and the parking lot for school busses that are currently there?"