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SchnabelWatch: Smoked Ham & Bono?

Flush with all that sweet, sweet Gramercy cash, artist Julian Schnabel is continuing work on his contested Far West Village expansion plan. A tipster sends in the above progress report photo, as well as some Grade A rumor-mongering:

One neighbour shouted "you're a fuckin' liar Schnabel!!" when walking past the building one day, and apparently "the fat man" rushed out of the building all concerned (with a smoked ham tucked under his arm) and told the neighbour that the new developments would be very beautiful, Italian Villa style additions. Further word on the street is that Schnabel himself will have one of the mansion-apartments, Bono is having another one, and the third occupant is still a mystery although some people think it's Jay-Z.Can we believe all this? Probably not. But if there's one thing in this world we hope is true, it's that Julian Schnabel came running out of his house with a smoked ham tucked under his arm.
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