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City May Torpedo Gowanus Canal's Historic WWII Boat

[Photo courtesy of f.trainer on flickr]

Say it ain't so. The Empty Vessel Project, a World War II rescue boat that is being converted to use as a community space on the Gowanus Canal, may be torpedoed. The Empty Vesselites say they may be forced to set sail from their berth at the end of the 1st Street at the canal. They write:

Since our arrival, the street is safer and cleaner. We have created an access point for the pubic to use the water and a lovely perch to watch the sunset on the relics of Gowanus history. Unfortunately, our berthing spot is in peril. Berthing at the end an unused street is restricted by the City Commissioner and the Dockmaster, an employee of the Department of Small Business Services. They have been very generous to EV and appreciative of the positive impact we have had on First Street. But on August 12, they may ask us to move.The group is starting an email campaign to keep the city from sinking their boat and is also trying to find a new spot on the Gowanus. The 60-year-old boat--which rescued downed American pilots and crew in WWII-- is moored near what would become Toll Brothers luxury housing.
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