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Ask Curbed: Wearing Your Stigma With Pride

The Wall Street Journal's article last week on "stigmatized properties" (e.g., someone famous?in life or death?met his/her end there) was pretty light on New York properties, except of course for the East Hampton estate of bludgeoned-to-death financier Ted Ammon. But it got us thinking: For every famous crime, there are hundreds of not-so-famous ones and chances are, some of them might've happened in your apartment. So let's hear some of those hardboiled tales in the comments. Did they freak you out? Prevent you from renting/buying? Make you want to move? More deeply connect you to the city's proud noir past?
· Scenes of a Crime: Do Homes Associated With Scandal Sell? [WSJ]

RELATED: USA Today doesn't mince as many words, referring to such residences instead as murder houses (check the URL). [USAT via The Real Deal]