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LES: The Bargain District Sells Out

More proof that the LES ain't what it used to be. Today's Daily News examines the cultural shift taking place as old garment and fabric stores are replaced by upscale boutiques creeping east from Soho.

"This area has done a complete 360-degree," said Dara Lehon, director of the Lower East Side Business Improvement District. "It is now the opposite of bargain district, with almost 20 new boutiques in this area. Bargain hunters have stopped shopping here," said Joey Saide, manager of his father's discount garment warehouse. "This area is attracting the hip, Village-type crowd who want to shop fancy and hang out at night. I have no more business here.

We think Dara meant a 180-degree change, but never-the-less, $200 per square foot retail rents on Orchard Street? Yikes!
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