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Urban Blog Du Jour: 'Coldest Stoop in the Heatwave'

Tip o' the hat to Set Speed for directing us to a relatively new Brooklyn blog called Stoop to Our Level, born just this summer, whose contributors occasionally mug for the camera while critiquing the onslaught of gentrification (and/or stalking Heath Ledger):

So I left my keys at work yesterday, and while waiting for one of my saviors to bring me spare car keys, I parked my arse on one of the new soulless cracker box zillion-dollar townhouses on State Street (right). And though it was 157 degrees out, and there were no trees for shade on this fancypants side of the street, I felt the cold, cold wind of "progress" in Brooklyn.Other recent topics include the naming of area retail establishments and the upside to Fairway Red Hook. Oh yeah, plus copious amounts of stoop party pics, too.
· The coldest stoop in the heatwave [Stoop to Our Level]