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It Happened One Weekend: Double Your Dumbo!

1) At the corner of Front and Jay in a land downumbo, an artist brightens the days of the Teamsters by melding construction labor and creative labor, bringing together the forces of art and residential development at the site of this future 33-story condo building. A possible theory behind this marriage: art is "very DUMBO." [Urban Tactics/The City]

2) Meantime, in another section of DUMBO, another artist rushes to finish his landscape paintings as the landscape changes before his eyes. Seriously, why are you people so DUMBO-obsessed? [Neighborhood Report/NYTimes]

3) A couple with their hearts set on more space and a dog discover you really can buy the first place you see, picking up a 2BR in Manhattan Valley. [Joyce Cohen/The Hunt]

4) Buying a condo at 80 John Street gets you high-end concierge service and access to the Gansevoort rooftop pool. But don't think you can play hooky and enjoy a day of swimming; residents can use the pool only after 5 pm. [C.J. Hughes/Posting]