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Left Hand Says Right Hand Made Boo Boo in Coney Island

Remember those lame ugly Coney Island renderings we dropped on you last week? Never mind. Today's Sun (now, subscription free, by the way) says that the left hand didn't know know what the right hand was doing and that you were never supposed to see them. And, having seen them, we can understand why. The drawings, apparently, were "inaccurate" and "posted erroneously." Seems that Miami-based Arquitectonica (of the 45-story Westin Hotel in Times Square) has been "quietly working" on Coney plans for the Coney Island Development Corp. A spokesman for Ehrenkrantz Eckstut & Kuhn, from whence the plans came, and for developer Thor Equities called the posting on the EE&K website "unauthorized." New "official" drawings may be coming after Labor Day. Us, we're glad we got the swag drawings posted by the rogue planner and saved them for posterity before EE&K yanked them.
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