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The Beginning of 'The Edge' in Williamsburg

[Photo courtesy of imjustsayin on flickr]

We noticed the pile driver that had taken up residence on the big parcel of land at North 6th Street and Kent Avenue in Williamsburg this weekend. Apparently, furious banging is now under way so that "The Edge" can rise. Williamsburg blogger i'm not sayin, i'm just sayin reports they're getting ready for Douglaston Development's 40-story Battery Park City-like towers:

Our beautiful, unobstructed East River vista was permanently pierced by the first salvo of ugly steel piles today - the beginning of what's to become two forty-story residential towers called "The Edge". The next couple of years - if we decide to stay - promise to include perpetual sleepless mornings, truck fumes and construction noise, and a gorgeous view (and sunlight) that shrinks daily until its completely obstructed by Miami Beach-style high-rises. We know we've been blessed with a million-dollar view for the price of a Brooklyn rental for the past 20 months; still, its sad to see it go...We can already see the Farewell to the View parties coming.
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