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Red Hook or Gowanus? You Decide

Not to be nitpickers or to pay too much attention to amNY today, but in checking out the aforementioned paper's story about a possible plan to further emasculate the G Train, we kind of noticed that the Smith-9th Street Station has moved from Gowanus to Red Hook. (As in, "the G travels from Smith-9th streets in Red Hook...") The story also noted that the reviled G Train runs from "Red Hook to Forest Hills," which might come as news to everybody in The Hook. Okay, so Brooklyn's confusing and neighborhood boundaries shift depending on the developer and real estate broker, but Smith and 9th is solidly in Gowanus. We think. For now.
· G Train Riders Brace for Uncertain Future [amNY]

BONUS: Speaking of Red Hook, A Brooklyn Life checks in on the neighborhood and takes a look at the state of things, including the ongoing debate about filling in the Todd Shipyard Graving Dock so that Ikea can use it as part of its parking lot.