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Development Du Jour: 605 West 42nd Street

Perhaps the Atelier, out there in East New Jersey, won't seem so lonely and forlorn next year after work begins on another Moinian Group condo tower on far West 42nd Street. There seems to be some confusion about whether it's actually one or two towers, but either way, doesn't it fit in so wonderfully with its neighbor, which also happens to be designed by architect Costas Kondylis? Notes a WiredNewYork commenter: "Costas has managed to do something unthinkable for an architect of such mediocrity: create his own context. He puts up a building (or a few), then feigns contextuality when he designs more for the area." But our favorite part is when the gloves come off toward the end of CityRealty's write-up:

While some observers have characterized the Moinian Group’s 42nd Street towers as flamboyant and colorful exercises in Miami style, it would be hard to not characterize them as “handsome” and “attractive,” much to the lament of some posters at who are convinced that’s vocabulary is limited.Rawr!
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605 W 42nd St

605 West 42nd Street, Manhattan, NY 10036