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Anna A. Building in Brooklyn?

The last we heard from young Russian socialite/real estate investor Anna Anisimova, she was trying to unload Diane von Furstenberg's twin West 12th Street townhouses for over $25 million. How such a dynamo could stay so silent for so long, we're not sure, but a tipster sends along the above picture, swearing up and down that it's the plans for the Anisimova sisters' Brooklyn summer home. Brooklyn summer home? Yes, we were suspicious as well, especially since we know Anna has a taste for the Hamptons. But more plans were sent to us with the Anisimovas' name all over them, and this crazy thing is supposedly going to be built on 56th Drive on Mill Island, right along the water. At least, we think it's Mill Island; these are parts of Brooklyn unseen by most mortal eyes. Take it for what it's worth, homeys.
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