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CurbedWire: Renters' Paradise

1) Tribeca: An update from 475 Greenwich Street (above), where a tipster reports, "work has begun on the latest condo below Canal st. This one is located directly above the Holland tunnel at Canal and Greenwich streets. Nice spot except for the excessive traffic and toxic waste dug up during excavation." Don't fret, traffic is good for you! [CurbedWire Inbox]

2) Hells Kitchen: We got a random rental-market heat check today from a reader who says he was "laughed out of brokerage offices" during his quest for a $2100 two-bedroom in Manhattan. After 3 days, our hunter was so desperate to find housing he was "ready to give up and look in LIC." But our story has a happy ending with our heroes finding a "gorgeously remodeled" 2 BR in Hell's Kitchen for $2200. What did our tipster learn? "[I]f you have a place in Manhattan- STAY! I wouldnt wish the hunt on my worst enemies. What a mess." Three days! Imagine! [CurbedWire Inbox]

3) Chelsea: A London Terrace Garden resident tells us that "[t]he 1000 or so residents of London Terrace Gardens received a letter the other day from our ‘Resident Corcoran Broker’ reminding us that now is the best time to buy since LTG rents are increasing 25%. There’s nothing like putting a little panic out there to generate a new client base." Potential buyers will save about $100 for a studio and $200 for a 1 BDR a month. Oh yeah, there is also the 20% down payment. [CurbedWire Inbox]