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Introducing Long Island City: The Huge Construction Site

Queens West in Long Island City is one happening construction site, with two big cranes now working on one two of the new luxury highrises going up. This photo was sent to us by a tipster who lives on an upper floor of the Citylights building and who has a bird's eye view of all the goings on. (And, hopefully, some really good soundproofing.) All together, the project, which Rockrose Development is calling East Coast Long Island City, is going to have 7 buildings with 3,000 units and 120,000 square feet of retail when it's finished, sometime around January 2010. Another photo after the jump.
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This is the new 32-story East Coast tower where rentals start at $1,615 a month for a studio and run up to $5,730 for a penthouse, with the extension of the riverfront park, with Pepsi sign, beyond it.

This view looking north shows the site of River East, look for the dredging on the shore, where two 30-story buildings are going to be built. Just north is the site of Silvercup West, the huge $1 billion development.

Moving east of Queens West, for those interested in how things look from high up, this is a shot of The Gantry.