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Bagelgate: H&H, David's Make Moves

What are the city's dough-rollers trying to put over on us carb-craving fatsos? We'll tell you what: a dramatic price hike! This dispatch shattered the calm of our Sunday evening football coma:

As a West Sider, I love my H&H bagels, but this week I was outraged. H&H just raised their prices to a now WHOPPING $1.10 a bagel. I can't be alone in thinking that we are being taken advantage of. Why are no competitors opening up shop. $1.10 is just too much dough. Where is Ess-a-Bagel in this time of need.Reports are already trickling in that David's Bagels on First Avenue and 14th Street has also raised its prices: up to $1 from 95-cents for a buttered bagel, and up to $1.10 from $1.05 for a toasted buttered bagel (curse you, mystery toasting tax!). Is this madness sweeping the whole town? What say you, Harlem?
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