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CurbedWire: Jane's Carousel Goes Round n Round

Today's CurbedWire follows up on two items from yesterday's CurbedWire. Yes, friends, we're going all meta on your ass.

1) Soho: If two's company, then three Curbed readers confirming that the Puck Building is converting from office space can't be wrong—right? Says one commenter, "It's true. The original post-conversion price goal was an *average* of $2000/sq ft, but recent activity, or lack thereof, pushed the sale price of the building down such that the sought after return now requires an appsf of closer to $1700. YIKES." But another commenter cautions, "It certainly won't be for every floor. NYU just started a LONG TERM lease last Spring for the entire 4th floor (and perhaps other floors)." Another says a hotel isn't out of the question. DEVELOPING... [CurbedWire]

2) Dumbo: Commenters also had a lot to say about the Dumbo carousel—seen at top in a photo from blogger DumboNYC—but this email particularly tickled us: "That carousel belongs to Jane Walentas, wife of developer David Walentas. I believe I remember her saying it was from someplace originally in the midwest Indiana or Ohio. She bought it in the eighties, moved it to New York and has been meticulously restoring it by hand since then, a large portion of the work she did herself. The last time I saw it was around 2000 and most of the wooden bits had been repainted and refinished. Jane said she had been trying for years to get the NYC parks department to erect it in one of the waterfront parks then planned for DUMBO as a free ride for children. The parks departments, city and state refused it even after she offered to set up a trust for its upkeep. Guess they still don't want it so she appears to have erected it in the former spice factory home of Smack Mellon, city & state be damned. I can't remember much but it is one of the few remaining wooden carousels in the USA." [CurbedWire Inbox]

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