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Marketing Fun #1: Ignore the Cemetery Next Door

For your afternoon development chuckle, check out South Slope blogger IMBY's tale of unknowingly walking into the Windsor Terrace sales office for a development called The Simone. Turns out, the marketing strategy includes conspicuously avoiding mention of Green-Wood Cemetery, which is across the street. (Is that why the slogan for the condo is "Life. Style. Simone."?) It's a small sin of omission, we suppose, unless you're creeped out by living next to 600,000 dead people:

It's not so much what's in the Corcoran web site slide show, as what's been left out that interests me. Specifically, any reference to the fact that the building site is practically at Death's Door, being located directly across the street from Green-Wood Cemetery. The fact that the developers have racked up 67 complaints and a big fat Department of Buildings Stop Work Order does not seems out of the ordinary....Corcoran's own neighborhood map includes the cemetery, but does not bother to label it as such. Why are they trying to 'Simonize' over their proximity to Green-Wood?

The upside is the neighbors won't make any noise. The downside is that if they get rowdy, you're sooo screwed.
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