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Ask Curbed: What Do the Rich Sleep On?

Other than piles of money. Har. While this one may seem a little out of our wheelhouse, the Curbed reader who poses this question does make a point. You always see tons of luxury amenities mentioned in the descriptions of new developments (see the Flowerbox Building from earlier today), but a home is just a place where you store your shit and pass out in, right? Or maybe you raise some kids in it or something. Either way, shouldn't fancy sleeping accommodations be at the top of every interior designer's priority list? Just sayin':

Hey, I know all these super-lux pads come with bosch this, and Miele that, marble this, and subzero that - what are the richer than thou sleeping on these days - I'm talking super-high-end mattresses - I am not rich, but I need one. I can't sleep for sh*t. We paid a bunch of cash for some horrible nastiness from Sealy or Serta - who knows...

What is the mattress brand of choice - better be some custom/hand-made brand I've never heard of!

Help this poor soul get some Grade A shut-eye, and leave your suggestions in the comments. For now, we'll be on hold with Armani/Casa trying to get an answer.