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Flowerbox's Website Blooms

Of the dozens of new developments we frequently get emails about, the one that has garnered much of the attention lately is the Flowerbox Building, a former Development Du Jour at 259 East 7th Street. Maybe people keep talking about it because of the unavoidable ad campaign Warburg Realty has going on at the Union Square Regal movie theater, or maybe it's because this little eight-unit refurbishing seems to be as good an indicator as any over whether the market can still stomach high-rolling action like this. The FBox has snazzy branding and marketing, deluxe features and big price tags (Warburg site has two-bedrooms listed at $1.5 and $1.7 million) ... and it's, uh, between Avenues C and D. Will it sell? We're just as curious as anybody.

But at least now we have more to superficially judge the development on! The Flowerbox's full website is finally up and running, complete with interior renderings and details (mmm...Miele ventilation hood) and floorplans. Click on "Neighborhood" to see our favorite feature, a slideshow of the hood's local flavor bottled into something that buyers can share with their friends at cocktail parties. One question remains, however: Are you contractually obligated to keep some flowers alive in that windowsill planter?
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