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Bagelgate Update: East Harlem Gropefest

In our explosive report yesterday regarding the city-wide bagel shop price hike?OK, the two-places-wide price hike?we issued a challenge to Bagel in Harlem to follow up with some serious research, them being the bagel blog and all. Little did we know that we were putting the poor blogger in harm's way. While the prices may have been good (40 cents; $1 w/ cream cheese) at East Harlem's Bagel Plus, and the variety may have been lacking (plain or cinnamon), the groping was simply fantastic!

I've never been groped in a bagel shop before, but until today I had never been in an East Harlem bagel shop. But now I've had both. A good bagel. And a good groping. Click through to hear the entire tale, but remember, this is but one more chapter in the unfolding saga of Bagelgate.
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