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CurbedWire: 25 Broad, Midtown East Destruction?

1) Financial District: The fun continues at 25 Broad Street. First, leases for existing tenants weren't renewed—even as they were still trying to rent out their apartments. Now, a current resident emails us that the brave souls still there "received the approved offering plans last week, so they now have 90 days to sell 15% of their units or their plan will not become effective. But, there is no sales office? Right now only about 80 of the 350 units are occupied and most of us are not buying so how will they get their 15%? 40 Broad will start selling their units in a couple of months - the Starck building has been selling units for 2 years now and still hasn't sold them all - considering how hot the market has been over those 2 years. If the Starck building can't sell their units at $950/ft in 2 years, how will 25 Broad sell 15% of their units at $1,050/ft in 90 days without a sales office?" Perhaps with a sweet website? Ah yes, there we go. [CurbedWire Inbox]

2) Midtown East: After a week of Community Board 1 news from Tribeca, this time we score an update from Community Board 6, which covers the eastern half of Midtown. A tipster reports, "Some old bitty who is friends with my mother in law went to a Community Board meeting where such bittys congregate and came back to report that they were gonna tear down some buildings on the west side of First Ave between 52nd/53rd. And in doing so take out the Metropolitan Café and Colombus Bakery which was one of the few non-Starbucks places to get a decent cup of joe in the east 50s. Any word on whats proposed? I'd hate to think any construction related traffic would prevent the bridge and tunnel set making it to the hood on the weekend." [CurbedWire Inbox]