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Costas Kondylis Clones Self in Tribeca

Aaron Donovan of Starts and Fits takes a gander at architect Costas Kondylis' apartment tower rising fast at 10 Barclay Street just north of the World Trade Center site in Tribeca, and sees signs of clonage: "From these early indications, 10 Barclay Street is going to look identical to the Grand Tier [at 1930 Broadway, a building between 64th and 65th Streets that the developer of 10 Barclay, Glenwood Management, completed about a year or two ago]. Not surprisingly, they were designed by the same firm, Costas Kondylis & Partners."

Self-clonage! The new architectural hotness since 1802. (Click through for facade details of both buildings that reveal the true similarities.)
· Clone Outgrows Its Parent [Starts and Fits]