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On the Market: Very Popular SoFi One-Bedroom

When Corcoran's Most Viewed website feature launched, we thought the Top 10 would be dominated by those luxurious multi-million-dollar brochure properties that people pass around so that they can imagine what it would be like to live a life of wealth and prestige. And while there is that element on the list, this is New York City, baby, and it's all about finding a deal. Check out #2 on the list as we type this: a 675-square-foot one bedroom co-op at 372 Fifth Avenue. Why is it so freaking popular? Because the asking price is just $349,000, and as far as we can tell, the place is neither splattered in blood nor filled with Nazis. It's a doorman building, you get a little terrace, it's in a pretty good location, so how is this possible? True the maintenance is high ($1,757), but someone please tell us there's at least asbestos poisoning or something going on here. There's an open house on Sunday for you to do some recon work. Floorplan is after the jump.

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