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Fancy Pants Buildings with Fancy Pants Technology

Sub-Zero this, Viking that, if you want to stand out in the luxury condo game, you've got to go where no building has gone before: to the future! And that's exactly where some developments are heading. This week's Post Home section cover story is all about new buildings channeling the Jetsons, but not, you know, Jetsonville. Obviously there's some crazy sci-fi shit going on?multimedia oven hoods, thumbrint-operated elevators, showers that remember your settings, etc.?but check out the works that residents at the Plaza and Stanhope are getting:

At The Plaza and The Stanhope, Concierge Direct will offer residents various bells and whistles, including the ability to automatically lower the curtains in the afternoon so harsh sunlight doesn't strike expensive artwork and to catalog and house all your media and play it in any room. You can watch "Deadwood" in the living room while your wife listens to The Killers in the den and your kid plays Halo in his bedroom - all on the same centralized system. This eliminates the need to carry around your DVDs or video games. Just another meaningless ploy to drive up prices? Given the probable median age of buyers in those two buildings, something tells us there isn't going to be a lot of Deadwood watching, Killers listening or Halo playing. Good look on the art thing, though.
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