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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: Same Old York

And...we're back. Answers to Tuesday's questions, by readers for readers, below. If you've got another question, a better answer, or some sweet, sweet digital photograph, send us a line?or drop a note in the comments below.

1) Downtown: Some hot commenter intel on the demo at 1 York: "the entire back of the building isn't demolished. they did remove the top several floors. BUT, the two existing buildings that are shown on the rendering are still as they are on the rendering. part of the existing structure was broken away to retrofit the existing buildings with additional structural support to sustain the new loadings from the new structure that is to be built between the two existing buildings. the building does not sit in a Landmark's historic district but does sit in the special tribeca mixed-use district designated by the department of city planning." We'll buy it if you buy it.
2) Gramercy: As to the converting church on 19th St. btwn 1st & 2nd Aves, the word is new condo. A reader reports, "They are going to take the existing church and keep that as the developers unit and make a 6(ish) full floor 2&3 bedroom apartments above. That asshole with the big white car (and 3 others) is going to have to find another parking space for a while!?" Oh, that asshole.
3) SoFi: On to 35th and 5th, where architect Thomas O'Hara is rumored to be at work. "It is developed by a company called Senior Living Options. Yes, it would seem hard to believe that one of the busiest intersections in the city will be the home of many people that cant even make it across the street in time. McSam, the boutique hotel developer who sold the lot to Senior Living was going to build a 22-story hotel there however this was right at 9-11. McSam just bought 57 W 35th Street, an empty parking lot and instead is planning to build a 22-story hotel there."
4) Harlem: Looks like the Museum of African Art, at 109th and Madison, won't be ready for a couple of years. Blurry rendering here.
5) Williamsburg: Not much more to report Havemeyer and Union in Williamsburg, except that the area was recently rezoned. Says a commenter, "poke around the DOB website, but i'm not exactly sure what's planned." Awesome.
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