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Another Day, Another Toll Brothers Development

If we can say one thing about the Toll Brothers, it's that they swoop in and get their buildings up so fast that neighborhood activists don't even have time to make angry signs. 110 Third is already reaching Babel-like proportions in the East Village, North8 is greeting guests in the flesh and on the web in Williamsburg, and now they're getting ready to drop Northside Piers on our asses. The web presence of the Williamsburg building has been launched, with not much doing right now other than an esplanade pic and some sloganeering. It's the first of three waterfront towers planned by the Toll Bros, and while there's no rendering on the site, this may be the last of the three designs that the Times' Lisa Chamberlain let loose on the world back in April. Are you ready for five acres of community living, Williamsburg? Huh? Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrre yooooooooooooooooou rrrrrrrrrrrrreaddddddddddyyyyyyyyyyyy?
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