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Curbed Readers Comment: Hot Threads

1) Ask Curbed: My Rent's Going Way Up, What Can I Do? (55 comments)
"This is absolutely because of rent control. The vacancy rates are so low because of the regulations preventing free markets from working in NYC....No other city in the US has kept the rent laws established after WWII like NYC, and their free markets work and create rental rates that are in line with prevailing salaries and other costs of living."
2) Curbed PriceChopper: Virtually All of 99 Gold (36 comments)
"Yeah, this is 55 Berry all over again - a building that slapped high-end finishes onto weird layouts that's a bit further away from the prime areas - but still priced at ridiculously high levels."
3) Dumbo Market Is Blazing (For Now) (28 comments)
"Love to see my Dumbo neighbors friggin' standing up for my 'hood. It sure as hell beats Staten Island (my old hood), and plenty of friggin' empty apartments for everyone. And like my fellow realtors say, prices are only friggin' going up. You others are just real jealous. Man oh man, this place is AWESOME."
4) Three Cents Worth: Condos Cross the Line (27 comments)
"Co-op owners are going to be so grateful when units in these new condo buildings become short-term rentals, or thier fellow "investors" are late paying CCs and they have to make up the cash flow etc ...There is a reason that there are so many co-ops in NYC -- they provide stability for both residents' lives and pocketbooks. "