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Call For Help: Curbed Neighborhood Watch

So, we've got a new Curbed feature in the development queue that we're calling Neighborhood Watch. The idea: every few weeks, we'll dig in to a particular microneighborhood in glorious detail, chronicling its new developments, architecture, urban planning issues, street life, and—with our compatriots at Eater—the food and drink scene. As usual, to do it right, we're going to need your help.

The first microhood? North Tribeca. Which is to say, Tribeca north of No. Moore Street. What are the area's uncovered (or, hell, overcovered) stories that we should get on? Intel and ideas, please, to (subject header Neighborhood Watch), or in the comments of this here post.

(Related: thanks to the many who've emailed to express interest in the Apartment Seeker project. We'll be getting back to everyone this weekend.)