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Why Prospect Heights Rocks: Louder Orgasms

[Photo courtesy dinanyc on flickr]

To put a little haha into an otherwise dreary Friday, we direct you to the "Open Letter to a Lady on Bergen between Underhill and Washington" on the Prospect Heights Forum that came to our attention via Daily Heights:

I am writing to extend my sincere apology for interrupting your orgasm last night. As I was walking past your street-level apartment, the sound coming through your open front window startled me momentarily, and my burst of laughter at realizing what I was hearing was spontaneous and apparently (given the immediate dead silence that followed it) not well-received. I didn't in any way intend to ruin the mood as you got your freak on, and I feel bad about it if my cracking up did that. That's why I blurted out "Sorry!" as I moved on. I also couldn't tell for sure whether you were enjoying yourself alone, as the only moans I heard were yours. If you were indeed with one or more guests at the time, please do convey my most heartfelt apology to them as well.

Sometimes, this neighborhood stuff is about more than real estate.
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